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Regular customer of this product

I love this product. 1 sheet absorbs a large amount of liquid. In one months time I’ve used only 10 sheets. I had toss 2 sheets because my plumber used them to wipe pipes.


The bamboo paper towels are fantastic!

Cleans beautifully

Tried a few brands of these. so far this is my favorite dissolves easily, cleans Great and smells Great!

Wonderful new product!

Great product. Gets the clothes clean! I use one whole sheet on a large load. No smells. Clothes look and feel clean.

It stays wet longer than a basic paper towel so it keeps my lettuce fresh longer. And these are so durable you can wash and reuse them so much.

Disolve perfectly

So much less messy than liquid. They seem to disolve perfectly. I wanted to avoid pods becuase we are on a septic system.

Great for travel

These actually surprised me on how great they clean even my husband's work clothes. I Just add a bit of baking soda because we have very hard water. These are going to be great for travel. Ty

I've been unhappy with those big plastic jugs of laundry soap, so I thought I would give this a try. So glad I switched. These laundry detergent sheets are awesome, they take up less room, they are lighter, and they work great.

I have reusables paper towels but sometimes you need a “real” paper towel and these are IT!!!! They’re so good! Also I swear by getting these wet to wrap my lettuce in when I store it in a ziploc to keep my veggies fresh.

So much better for the environment

These are really nice and great quality. I've bought these twice now and plan on continuing to buy them as long as they're available. Very strong _xD83D_


Strong towels. Suited for all uses


Cleans beautifully and so much less wasteful than pods in heavy plastic. I like taking these when I travel to wash clothes in the sink so I can pack less.

Economical and good for ecology

Great for regular use a well as travel. One sheet does a whole load! Economical and good for ecology.

Great product.

These will save money in the long run. Very easy to wash by hand. Reuse dozens of times at the kitchen sink. Strong and the blue is essential so you don't forget and throw it away like the usual one use paper tower.

Fantastic product

Love these detergent sheets! They work really well they are totally unscented if you get the unscented ones.

Better idea for traveling

They smell great and no messy liquid to deal with. The clothes come out fresh and clean. No fuss, no muss. We use these at home, but they are even a better idea for traveling. And, the environment benefits too, since there's not plastic bottle to recycle.

Good results

I like them, not wasting your money your money if you use them accordingly and remember what wach sheet was used for. I am only the adult in my home and the only one who can use them to clean up. I try not to use them like regular paper towels like to dry my hands and if i do i use them to clean up or wipe up a quick mess and than wash them out with diah soap.

For sensitive skin

I love these they take up so little space in the laundry room, and the packaging is next to nothing. No Giant bottles just a small flat box, I keep buy them five or six packs at a time and just leave them in a little container.


Absorbent. Good for wiping spills and cleanup.

Very impressive

They smell great, leave only a light fragrance behind, but also clean well. On par with major brands.
No issues with dissolving. No residues left behind. 100% great buy.

Great product.

I honestly wasn't expecting much. I am kind of picky about my laundry detergent, and felt like I would have to sacrifice my morals

Reasonably priced. No big plastic jug to lift, carry or dispose of. Cleans as well as liquid detergent.


I've wanted to switch from detergent pods to sheets because of environmental reasons but all the sheets I found were way more expensive. So when I saw these I was leery of them, but I decided to try them. I'm so glad I did, because these work great.

It’s super absorbent

I feel this product needs to be advertised, widely. It’s inexpensive; it’s super absorbent; and, by using it - I feel good about converting from one time use paper towels to these reusable, sturdy and effective bamboo towels.

Great for the environment

Helping to reduce frequent use in my home. I am more conscious about using these up since i have to wash them out after every use. They can only be washed twice before they start falling apart.

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