Laundry Detergent Sheets

The new and best technique to wash is laundry sheets. Laundry Detergent Sheets provide a plastic-free washing that is a step above the rest, whether you're cleaning your clothes, linens, and towels. Laundry Detergent Sheets - Eco-Friendly Zero Waste Detergent Strips, 25 Sheets – up to 50 Loads Price: 6.99$

Our washing sheets are perforated, making them simple to tear into two strips. For heavy-duty soiled loads, use both strips (one complete sheet). Use only half of one strip for small or light washing. This implies that each box has enough strips for 25 heavy loads or 50 ordinary loads. They dissolve fast in both hot and cold water and are compatible with all washing machines. Strips containing detergents are much like regular detergents. They are, in reality, considerably simpler. Simply submerge the strip in the water, and the detergent will take care of the rest!

These eco-friendly laundry sheets contain a concentrated and extremely effective detergent that is released into the water instead of jags packed with liquid.

They are free of plastic, chemicals, synthetics, dyes, and other potentially harmful components

Waste-free laundry sheets work just as well as standard detergents in removing stains while also being kind to the environment and the people we love and live with.

Healthier skin and a healthier and happier environment. Our laundry detergent sheets are gentle enough for those with delicate skin, including babies.